a time to get: What Happens If I Push That One?

I felt of a rush of joy like I was 10 years-old and flying for the first time again when I saw these pictures of airplane cockpits.

We were flying to Arizona, I remember, for a conference for my mom’s work. I was a little too old to be completely mesmerized, but not quite too-cool-for school. I loved watching the planes land and take-off, and when we finally boarded I remember the nerves and the way my stomach felt and how that first glimpse to the left, into the cockpit, relaxed me. So many buttons! So many levers! Surely these guys know what they’re doing!

Prior to my first ride in an airplane, I remember my mom would always bring me back lapel wings every time she flew, and I remember feeling as if she must be someone really important to have attained such treasured artifacts.

I remember taking Kyan on his first flight. He was three, almost four. The way he stared at the planes from the terminal with wide-eyed wonder quickly rubbed off on me and the rest of my family as we did that awful airport wait. Time passed so quickly looking through his eyes.

When we boarded, he wasn’t afforded the same luxury of stepping into the cockpit for a look-around and he wasn’t as interested in the lapel wings as I was. But even still, every time a plane passes over head he points it out, especially if it’s leaving behind a plume of smoke and a roar of engine as it shoots through the stratosphere and disappears.


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