Some days it feels like there are a thousand unborn babies in the depths of my stomach, reaching out, screaming, for a new book to be read. Each fetus represents a different book, all of them I have yet to read, yet to know, and I think of them, all of the words I have yet to read and all of the sentences that have yet to change me, and I think of how I love them all, and I think of them like my babies that have not  yet formed in my womb.

And then I just want to hold me them and shush them and smell that new book smell for the rest of my days.


One response to “Possessed.

  1. I would never think of books as babies. ..

    Books, I can keep. They will be the same, over and over. I will learn BIG LESSONS from them, as I read them, older. And I change, as I read each same story.

    I can go back. Over, and over, and always there is something new.

    A baby? That smell. . . you can’t keep it. It changes. The lesson you learn– you must remember. Because it’s not the same. It’s a new, wondrous, lesson. Each day.

    Nothing is the same. And that is the beauty.

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