When did we become this way?

When did our country become such a hateful place when it comes to voicing our opinions?

Someone’s house burns down, we’ll hold bake sales and lemonade stands raising money for them to build a new house. A friend’s wife’s dying of cancer, we’ll tell everyone we know and rope them into our fundraising efforts, raising half a million dollars.

But if you disagree with me politically or religiously or morally, I’ll call you every name in the book and accuse you of awfully hurtful lies. Maybe it’s our fallen nature, maybe it’s the stress of the world seemingly collapsing around us, maybe it’s an inward anger at our own predicaments that’s directed outward, where it’s easier to corral and direct and process.

I’m not just referring to some of the things going on with the Right and health care. I remember some people on the Left having — and still do probably —lots of hate for Bush and his administration. And while I’m not thrilled with a lot of things that happened over the past eight years, I hope I was always patient and kind and graceful in my disagreements.

I’ve just read some incredibly uplifting things recently and it’s renewed my hope in humanity and that dichotomy between that and this … well, it’s something I don’t think I’ll ever understand.

I generally hate generalizations, so forgive me for this rambling generalization of a post.

I’ve been coming back to mewithoutYou a lot lately, and I’m thinking particularly of the lyrics to Bullet to Binary Pt. 2, and I’m thinking of who I need to forgive and who I need to apologize to so they’ll forgive me and maybe, just maybe, we can turn this ship around.


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