I cut my lunch short

I cut my lunch short because I have a lot of work to do, but also because these two overweight women came in and turned on Inside Edition, the worst TV show ever, and proceeded to eat these huge ass onion rings and two hot dogs and talk about losing weight. And the whole thing interrupted my peaceful meal of vegetable soup and a Steinbeck book, what with their talk of missing ketchup packets and, Oh, look at that cute bear on TV and, He’s getting his nails done, and Would you look at that?

And I’m feeling judgmental, and don’t we all have those days? Yes, I like to think so. But today, today, I’m feeling down because I’ve read articles online about the media’s failure to publicize criticism of the Bush Administration’s run-up to the Iraq War. People knew we were being lied to and they did nothing but bury the news on the back page.

And I’m feeling guilty myself, being a member of the media, though in no  way on the level as the  Washington Post. And I’m feeling guilty for buying into the lies and not being better informed.

And later, after lunch, I think back to something I heard the lead singer of mewithoutYou say recently. He says that when we judge someone else that’s an opportunity to look inward at ourselves. Why are we feeling this way toward someone? That’s what we need to examine. Not why they’re eating big ass onion rings and two hot dogs. What’s it matter to me, anyway? What’s going on inside me, that’s what needs examining.

But, anyway, back at lunch, I’m not yet reflective of my feelings and I’m feeling like I can’t stand one more minute of someone complaining about a problem they insist on compounding.

And then a third woman, one who is skinny and tries to eat healthy and exercise, asked them where they got the food and they said the Boathouse, when really the place is called River City. And the skinny lady said, Oh I don’t know where that is. And she said, don’t you mean River City, and they said, Yea. And I shake my head because, well, I think these women are morons and this kind of confirmed it.

Then they said, Every day they have these specials and today is two hot dogs and onion rings for $5. You can’t beat that. And the skinny one asked if they have a menu, and the talkative one said, Yea, I have it wrote down. And then, one of the women said, the best part is, they put butter on the bun. Oh really, the skinny one said. And they’re all-beef hot dogs. Oh, they’re all beef hot dogs, said the skinny one, perhaps a little incredulously. And the one who is doing most of the talking said, Yea, they’re all-beef. I think they’re all-beef. They must be all-beef.

And I think, isn’t that how most Americans think; isn’t that what happened with the war.

But those hotdogs — those hotdogs! — they fool you every time.


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