Storm trooper bike carrier

No matter what I try, or what I do, Kyan is scarcely interested in riding bikes. He acts like he doesn’t understand how to pedal. He insists it’s too hard. I think he’s just lazy — the laziest hyperactive kid I’ve ever known, that is. 

As an incentive, a compromise if you will, I bought a used tandem bike adapter off Craigslist. The tandem adapter consists of one wheel, a handlebar and pedals, all of which attach to the seat stem of my bike, allowing Ky to pretty much just coast off my effort, all the while learning how the pedals revolve up and down. 

And … not so much interested in that either. 

So I resort to a more grown up version of the bike seat I borrowed from my uncle that he had used for much of his early life. That bike seat allowed him to sit behind me, with his helmet on, and sleep, or observe the world around him. 

This new, grown up version is nothing more than a bike trailer, but one that allows him much more freedom to play — or sleep. 

But first things first: fun.

I attach the trailer to my Raleigh and plop him in. He insists on wearing a Star Wars clone trooper helmet smiles nearly as big as the face of the carrier.


We set off on the bike trail and Ky says hi to everyone we pass, eliciting smiles from each person. 

A short time later, we move down a small hill and as we speed up, Ky’s voice rises in volume and enthusiasm, “Now that’s what I’M talking about!” 

On the way back, however, Ky is less than enthused, as I try explaining to him we don’t have time to stop home to get action figures, as Mommy is going to be waiting for us on the other side of Marietta in a matter of minutes. My explanations aren’t satisfactory and he pouts. 

Still, the first foray of the summer must be considered a success, especially as I see him exit the bike carrier, his chest puffed out and his face beaming, eager to show his mom his new chariot. 

“This was fun, Daddy,” he says.

“Of course, it was. I was the one doing all the work,” I reply, to no one really but myself. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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